Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New rituals

Syr implemented a new rule/ritual.

Within 10 minutes of either Her coming returning home or me returning home or (I should assume) upon waking if neither of us are going anywhere that day - I am to present myself, kneeling, bowing with my forehead on the floor.

"Who owns you?" She asks me.

"You do, Syr." I respond.

"Forever." She confirms.

"Yes, Syr." I reply.

It's a new rule. A new ritual. It's still something we're getting used to implementing. But I like it.... I like the way it feels.

Today, She put Her foot on the back of my neck.

And I could feel myself melting.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Packing. And I don't mean for a trip...

So, Syr has new(ish) jeans. And She wears them to work pretty regularly. I couldn't be happier that She's wearing jeans. And Her belt. Regularly. Because I think that's hot.

Sidenote: This morning while Syr was putting on Her belt, we were talking when suddenly She said She better stop and wait to finish because I won't hear anything until Her belt is on. I didn't hear Her when She said that. But when I tried to start talking, I drooled a little. True story.

Anyway, these new jeans are not quite so skin-tight as Her previous pair. Which leaves room for, well....

Her cock.

So, the other night, we were having a quiet night in, playing video games together, enjoying some couch time. And I went out to walk the dogs. When I came back in, we played games for another hour or so before She finally made a comment that brought my attention to the fact that A: She'd changed into jeans at some point from her usual comfy at-home pants and B: She was packing Ripper, our favourite of Her cocks. *blinkblink*

It was pretty hot, I'm not gonna lie. It wasn't very long after that, that Syr had me naked, Her jeans still on, and was fucking me six ways from Sunday.

That night ended in screaming orgasms, a lot of tears (of the releasey-awesome variety) and a very, very satiated slave-girl.

It was a good night. ;)

Friday, November 07, 2014

Syr's Belt

It's a simple moment.

Syr comes home from work. She wore the pants that She pairs with a belt.

I stare. At the buckle. At the belt. She follows my gaze, knowingly.

Syr unbuckles Her belt and slides it off.

That sound..... *shiver*

I turn around, brace my hands on the kitchen counter, sassily sticking my ass out behind me.

Syr obliges me.... looping Her belt in Her hand... placing a hand at the base of my neck to hold me in place... and delivers several hard smacks to the curve where my ass meets the top of my thighs... and then to my shoulders.

My knees tremble, threatening to buckle.

She stops with a chuckle.

I turn around, plant a kiss on Her neck.

"Thank You, Syr."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Service Mode

It feels "easy" to be in service mode (so far) in the new place. I don't know if it's the change of scenery, the fact that our new place is so nice, the fact that we have less stuff, the fact that everything's so organized and neat, or just our new start in a place all our own with all the privacy in the world. Whatever it is that's making this feel effortless and natural - I like it! I'm thinking Syr likes it too.

Saturday, October 04, 2014


Not feeling well...

So Daddy is giving me orange juice and making me homemade chicken noodle soup.

And She danced with me. In the living room. With no music.

So thankful for my life.

Feeling treasured and special and nurtured and warm and fuzzy and stuff.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


What I really want, right this moment, is to curl up in my Daddy's arms. And snuggle. With a blanket. And a puppy.

Having one of those kinda moments.

Just craving the nurturing. The softness. The tenderness.

(Next week, though, I'll probably just be craving a good hard beating.)

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning the house... having a bubble bath... and just being immersed in some healthy service mode time.

It felt good.

I thrive on routine.... and I think Syr's new job and our new empty-nest privacy are helping me to establish some new routines and.... I think I like it.

A lot.